Qi An Xin

Qi An Xin Group is leading security provider dedicated in protecting critical and valuable internet assets in a wide range of areas including Government, Finance, Energy, Telecom etc.

We are the fastest growing company in the Chinese security market with over 90% consecutive compound annual growth rate since 2015. Under hard work of 6000+ professionals, our technologies have been adopted in 90% of government departments, state-owned companies, and large banks. We start our international development in 2019 and extend our global business in Indonesia, Singapore, Canada, Hong Kong, Macao etc.

Qi XiangDong

Chairman & CEO of Qi An Xin

Qi An Xin takes “protecting the security in the big data era” as the mission, “data-driven security” as technical thinking, and big data collection and analysis as support to provide escort and protection for enterprise users!

Corporate vision

Comprehensively enhance security protection ability and level of Chinese government and enterprises, and build a reliable network environment for economic development. Current corporate customers face unprecedented security challenges, which cannot be tackled effectively by traditional security mean. Qi An Xin uses innovative means of Internet+ such as big data analysis to help Chinese government and enterprises better respond to security threats.