QI-ANXIN NetentSec Behavior Management

Internet applications have penetrated into every corner of social life, also become a basic platform for enterprise highly efficient operation and improving the competitiveness. At the same time, the convenience and fictitious of the Internet has become a breeding ground for various disharmony, more and more national stability, social harmony, business efficiency, youth development and so put forward a severe challenge. Netentsec Behavior Management system is a professional Internet behavior management product. It is an enterprise-oriented software and hardware integrated gateway for Internet behavior control and management. Netentsec Behavior Management provides powerful URL filtering, blocking enterprise staff access to illegal websites, providing fine-grained control policies based on time, users and applications, controlling employees to play online games, stocks, watch online video, and Internet chat during working hours, to ensure the working efficiency, and outgoing information audit via e-mail, instant messaging, forum posting and other ways, to avoid reveal of confidential information. In addition, Netentsec Behavior Management also provides application-level bandwidth management, effectively restrict P2P and other serious consumption of bandwidth-intensive applications, to ensure that the enterprise's core service bandwidth is adequate.

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