Qi An Xin Threat Intelligence Center

Qi An Xin Threat Intelligence Center (https://ti.qianxin.com) is a cloud-based threat intelligence sharing and searching platform. Launched in 2015, as the first free and open threat intelligence service platform in China, it enables all security researchers and analysts in vendors, governments and enterprises to search latest security threats after online registration and approval. Security professionals can submit domains, IP addresses and file hashes to search for correlated information and latest security tags. The platform is supported by human and machine generated intelligence leveraging the scale of Qi An Xin , the largest Internet security company in China, which has 600 million users on PC and 800 million users on mobile. Huge and special data Compared to other similar platforms, Qi An Xin Threat Intelligence Center has huge and special data of its own. The data is supported by years of accumulation of Qi An Xin’s Internet security products. By now, the platform has a unique malware sample database with more than 9.5 billion samples, daily update with 9 million samples, an Internet DNS database with more than 9 billion DNS resolution records, daily update with 1 million records, and many 3rd party data resources have been integrated into the platform. Open and sharing with global partners Qi An Xin Threat Intelligence Center has cooperated and shared data with Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, HSBC, BT and many other enterprises, universities and agencies around the world. Dozens of countries’ CERT has applied and used our security data including US and British CERT. We are working together with many threat intelligence communities, including VirusTotal, Cyber Threat Alliance, AlienVault and etc. Qi An Xin is also members of security organizations like Eicar, AMTSO, CSA, MVI, MAPP, MUTE, Wildlist and APWG. Threat Intelligence Sharing Project Today’s security landscape requires cooperation from different machines, vendors and industries, in 2016 Internet Security Conference, Qi An Xin announced Qi An Xin Threat Intelligence Sharing Project, as the first step, we opened the Global Network Scan Monitoring System, the system can demonstrate malicious scanning sources on the whole Internet, people can use these scanning sources to block and response properly, lower the risk of being attacked. Dedicated team behind platform There is a dedicated team behind the platform. These security professionals monitor and analyze security issues from a variety of sources, providing threat intelligence content as the foundation of Qi An Xin. The team produced many thought leadership security research assets, for example chasing the malicious campaign of OceanLotus, to help customers, fellow researchers and public at large better understand the latest security risks, and stay ahead of emerging threats.

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