Qi An Xin Skyeye

Qi An Xin Skyeye, based on intelligent big data analysis and threat intelligence, is a platform to provide enterprise customers with continuous security monitoring operation and situation awareness to form a "closed loop of continuous monitoring and detection, timely response and disposal, in-depth investigation and analysis" for the various threats, and provide decision-making foundation for active defense in depth system. The system, based on Qi An Xin cloud threat intelligence and enterprises local security big data, discovers the threats and abnormal behaviors by multi-dimensional correlation analysis of massive data and presents the security situation to the security OM and administrators by virtualization technology, so as to make rapid response. The in-depth investigation analysis tool can further analyze the time course and threat background, and expand the correlation information to link and dispose with Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) and Network Detection and Response (NDR, e.g. NGFW), achieving data driven security coordination.

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